Why Customers Love Traffic Planet Hosting & You Will Too (Yes, This Blog Is Hosted On TPH)

In case you missed the news, I’ve spent a ton of time in the past year setting up my own high quality hosting company: Traffic Planet Hosting.

A lot of what motivated me to do that was despair with what almost all other hosting companies offer or do – and I’ve used pretty much every hosting company on the planet at one time or another.

However, Traffic Planet Hosting is NOT an SEO hosting company and instead is for very high quality Money Site hosting (this blog that you are reading now is hosted on Traffic Planet Hosting so you can judge and test its speed for yourself).

What makes our hosting different is that we use very high spec machines that are not overloaded (overloading servers can destroy page load speed). Add to that the fact that we are co-located in the world’s largest datacenter with literally the fastest internet connection infrastructure in the world (boring but it helps our hosting speed fly) and you can see why our customers are raving about our hosting performance and support:





and from a private forum:



plus, you can see how we compare on value with WPEngine (though we host all kinds of sites, not just WP) and Copyblogger’s Websynthesis (we’re faster than both) here:

Though Google have repeatedly stated that page load speed IS a ranking factor now (if we believe them), even if it weren’t, what kind of site experience do you want your visitors to to have on your website? 

So if you’ve had enough of slow, underperforming hosting with lousy support for your most valuable Money Sites (I wrote here about how seemingly ‘cheap’ hosting can destroy your Money Site performance), try Traffic Planet Hosting.

We can also migrate any/all of your websites to TPH for free within 24 hours – no boring technical stuff for you to do, we do it all.


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