Update: Google blocked this hack in December 2013 and Keyword Snatcher results must now be uploaded in batches of 800.



Now I could be wrong (too much/not enough caffeine) but I don’t recall this feature being available or on this scale with the old Google Keyword Tool but if you were/are already using this approach with a good 3rd party Keyword research tool, kudos to you.

The Internet Marketers that I checked with had no idea that you could force Google to show you up to 10,000 search volumes at once (and much more than that on separate runs) so I’m assuming that you weren’t aware of this hack either.

The use of a good 3rd party keyword tool (of which there are many but the one below is the best I am currently using for this hack) is ESSENTIAL to this SEO Traffic Hack (hack = short cut) .

Anyways, this SEO Traffic Hack that I’ve been having a lot of success with recently is a very powerful COMBINATION of two new tools that have emerged on the SEO landscape:

1. Google Keyword Planner

2. Keyword Snatcher (a new keyword research tool from Jonathan Leger, who, as far as I can tell, has NOT figured out this hack yet either)

Here’s how it works and how I can force Google to show me tens of thousands of search volumes for related terms whenever I want.


Now let’s say that you want to research ‘how to”, ‘buy’ or ‘review’ keywords in Google in the new Keyword Planner (you probably can’t  access the old Google Keyword Tool anyway) so you want to a kind of buy wildcard search in the new GKP (Google Keyword Planner).

By ‘wildcard’, I mean trying to get the GKP to tell us the most popular search terms that start with the word ‘how to’, ‘buy’ or contain the word ‘ecommerce’ (if relevant) or ‘review’ – this hack works with ANY keyword or phrase.

Typically Google will only show a small subset of results and nothing exhaustive (up to 800 maximum):


and Google will show you up to 800 results (if you have an AdWords account – you should have one of those, even if not spending any money on AdWords) BUT even on exact match, the results are not very useful for say, affiliate marketing opportunities.

For example, there are no ‘buy Sony LX590 LCD TV’ type listings in Google’s search results here. Though exact match, these terms are pretty general and therefore, basically useless:




So, on Exact Match (same for other variations), Google was only ‘willing’ to show us 26 terms for ‘how to’ and 800 for ‘ecommerce’.

So How Can We FORCE Google To Show Us A TON Of Good How To/Buy/Review/Ecommerce/Any Term Keywords?

Well, the first thing is to throw the phrase, for instance, ‘how to’ or ‘ecommerce’ into Keyword Snatcher here and let it run (on a term like this) for many hours.

And, because Keyword Snatcher is web-based and NOT a downloaded desktop app, you can SIMULTANEOUSLY run MULTIPLE keyword searches.

Basically, Keyword Snatcher pulls every possible result from Google Instant, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and ebay in any country in the world.


The Keyword Snatcher result on ‘how to’ (USA search) is:


over 54,000 – all of which I CAN check in the Google Keyword Planner (more on that shortly).

and for ecommerce (USA search):


over 20,000 and still going!

So, when using Keyword Snatcher, remember to:

1. Specify which country you want results from

2. Filter out any keywords or phrases you want EXCLUDED from the results e.g. the word, free, to exclude freebie hunters, if relevant.

To do this, use the ‘Filter Keywords’ field under Options:


3. Ignore the Keys Checked function. As soon as the main counter has stopped, you can download all results in a text file:


We then need to plug that list into the Google Keyword Planner, here’s how:

1. Select Keyword Planner within your AdWords account:


2. Click on ‘Enter or upload keyword to see how they perform’:


3. Then, click on ‘Choose file’ and upload the text file that Keyword Snatcher created (make sure you have the right country selected for Google search volume results):


4. Then click on ‘Get search volume’:


5. Arrgggghh, an error message! That’s completely normal.

The Keyword Planner doesn’t like non-standard characters in the uploaded text file so remove the ones identified by clicking on ‘Show errors’ (e.g. %, ( ), ! &), CTRL+F find them, delete them, re-save and re-upload OR block those out in the first place in the Keyword filter in Keyword Snatcher.

Completely IGNORE the error message, ‘Keyword phrase has too many words’and click on ‘Ignore and upload file’:



6. Now click on ‘Keyword ideas’ and the Keyword Planner will be showing you 10,000 search volume results – already Exact Match:


7. In the case of Keyword Snatcher’s 50,000+ search results, the Google Keyword Planner will only show 10,000 results so you will need to split that text file of 50,000+ results into 5 or 6 different text files and check them individually.

AND, each 10,000 search report from the Google Keyword Planner can be downloaded as a csv file for Excel:


That’s it!

By using Keyword Snatcher and the new Google Keyword Planner, you can check the Exact Match search volumes for many thousands and thousands of phrases – serious short and long tail SEO gold there that Google normally BLOCKS.

You can get Keyword Snatcher from Jon Leger here.

Let me know if you have any followup questions on the above process via support(at)terrykyle.net

That’s just one of many neat SEO Traffic Hacks, my team and I have been working on and will release shortly.

If you feel this hack is a good one and valuable for your business, please share this URL around.

Best regards





The Best WP Plugin I Have Ever Used


Posted by Terry Kyle

Jenny Locke says:

Hi Terry
Brilliant article, thank you and I have put those tools to good use. When I was using the planner today the maximum number of keywords I could use was 3000 so it looks like they have changed the numbers. I now have a great list of long tails to use on a blog.

Terry Kyle says:

Thanks Jenny and intersting. The exact number goes up and down in GKP but I haven’t seen a number as high as 3000 for a while.