Month: August 2015


The 2 Things That All Failing Internet Marketers Have In Common

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I’ve been there – you can read my story here.

You may still be there.

I talk to different Internet marketers of all levels all the time and 2 factors that the unsuccessful Internet Marketers have going on that the successful ones don’t are these:

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1. You need to bring MUCH MORE to the business table than just your desire to make money.

Almost everyone wants to make money. Who wouldn’t?

Money brings freedom, options, choice and a greater quality of life.

But are many/most people prepared for the long, hard grind that comes with entrepreneurship or business building?

Sadly, many people lack the belief, discipline or follow-through to try it.

Or try it for long enough.

At least lottery tickets help keep the dream of wealth alive!

So if all that you will bring to a new niche project is your desire to extract money from it, chances are that you will probably fail.

I say that knowing that there are a load of scammers peddling junk in the IM/MMO niche and seemingly doing well. For that I would say that any success that they do have is usually massively exaggerated and won’t last.

Even if a few succeed, is that the kind of business that you want or business owner that you want to be?

Instead of focusing on money – which is a very poor long-term motivator on the whole by the way – look to bring SOLUTIONS to existing problems in your niche.

I know that’s nothing new of course but that’s the foundation of financial success.

It’s also a much more complex subject than can be tackled here!

2. Distraction and a lack of focus are absolutely FATAL.

We all struggle with this given the immense number of online and even offline distractions we all face now.

If your time is pulled in 10 different directions on a daily basis, how is it possible to make any forward progress?

And think of what faces new small business owners now in terms of online ‘essentials’: SEO, paid traffic (many options there inc. retargeting), email marketing, analytics tracking, conversion optimization, content marketing etc etc + the perceived need for business pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ (used to be anyways) and YouTube – all of which require attention.

It’s crazy!

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In short, if you can’t get a handle on distraction – assuming you struggle with it now – then you will probably never succeed online at the level you want.

Distraction is a total business killer.

Get it handled, please.

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