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Live Test: What Parasite Pages Are Doing Well In Google In March 2015?

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Parasite Page SEO – where you are piggybacking on the authority of existing platforms (like Facebook) that Google ALREADY loves with an inner page of your own there, isn’t new news in SEO.

Normally this is faster, more stable and more expendable than a website of your own and is a solid traffic generator and/or ‘client-impresser’.

But over time, Google’s fickle nature means that some Parasite platforms go out of style (with Google) while others surge upwards for no apparent reason.

When it comes to Google, today’s RebelMouse can be tomorrow’s – if you’ve been around SEO or IM for a while, you’ll get what I mean.

So below, I’ve compiled the latest survey from SEMRush (a brilliant tool that should be in your IM arsenal) of 30+ Parasite platforms – some we should use for Parasite Page SEO and which ones we MUST avoid right now.

Now pure traffic is NOT the ONLY criteria for choosing a Parasite platform, depending on your marketing objectives e.g. some will NOT accept affiliate links, others have a terrible layout for conversions etc BUT if they have no power with Google, they aren’t worth bothering with in my view.

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Firstly, Facebook is the current rankings king of the Parasite platforms but the layout of their pages isn’t great for conversions.

If relevant, use your background image on Facebook with a contact phone number, Website URL or even an offer captioned on to the background image (nice for local SEO clients or POTENTIAL clients to win them over huh?) e.g.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the comparison scoreboard of these Parasites.

So let’s look at Facebook’s last 1-year record on SEMRush (yes that is $550M a month worth of traffic – if same traffic was sought through AdWords ¬†– each month):

and what about Twitter, which IS rapidly rankable – how does $321M a month in traffic sound?

but how well does that compare to Amazon traffic $ actually comes in lower than Facebook or Twitter:

YouTube is another traffic monster too of course but technically beaten by Facebook on traffic $:

but don’t forget the other video sharing sites as they have reasonable¬†traffic too (but nothing like the Goliath of YouTube) e.g. Vimeo:




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What about press releases which used to be an easy SEO win? had to change all their links to nofollow – but that didn’t earn any forgiveness whatsoever from the Google gods – ouch!:

Are any other press release services doing any better? That’s a no: Nope – only $15k a month worth of traffic:

and Way better than 24-7pressrelease:

And then we have, which is on the up:

There is ONE other type of press release still killing it on Google and doing way better than the above sites – it is fully revealed inside SEO Traffic Hacks.

How about picture-based sites – $65M in monthly traffic $

and Instagram? About $32M in monthly traffic:

Snapchat? On the up but still very low SERP traffic here (not what it was designed for):

Let’s move on to those old-school document sharing sites – docstoc? Hammered by Google and not worth the trouble now: OK-ish, nothing amazing: Much better at $2M a month in traffic $:

Next let’s move on to some blogging type platforms –, not too shabby:

and, doing better than Wix:

Google seems to hate though it’s pretty popular (unless it’s an incorrect reading in SEMRush): is another one to disregard for the moment: is another one now hated by Google:

but continues to kick on well though with $11.6M in monthly traffic:, smaller but steady-ish:

and was Justin Timberlake’s $30M investment in MySpace worth it? Probably not yet:

and what about some Google-slap victims from the past like Squidoo? Looks like they got another slap in 2014:

and it’s hard to see ever getting out of the doghouse either:

In summary:

Here are the best performers in ranking order (best to worst of those checked) based on their CURRENT (March 2015) traffic $ scores in SEMRush:

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EDIT: 2 extra additions here – doing well:

and, also strong: