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Terry Kyle: “This Is The Best SEO & IM WP Plugin I Have Ever Used”

3 Reasons Why You Should Run This Plugin On ALL Your WP Sites (& Why We Are On Hundreds Of Our WP Sites):

NOTE: I hardly ever recommend products or services UNLESS I am using them in my business and am very happy with them. And when I say that this is the best plugin I’ve ever used, you’ll see why below…

Even if you are not active in SEO, IM or MMO, there are some very good reasons for learning about this plugin:


Reason #1: Stop Backlink Reverse Engineering Tools

To stop backlink reverse engineering tools (like MajesticSEO and Open Site Explorer) from finding my best backlinks on my own private WP blog networks or high PR sites – or even running interference on my own Money Sites if they are on WP (still testing this particular aspect) so that potential competitors can’t get much of a picture of the SEO blueprint in place.


In the past couple of years, I’ve tried a lot of potential solutions (e.g. robots.txt editing which many bots ignore etc) but none worked fully and in a way that was easy to manage, analyse and modify on the fly.


So why don’t I want my backlink sites found (the ones that I own) by competitors using Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs (SEO Spyglass is sadly losing the arms race here and I use it less and less these days – it’s ability to snoop out backlinks is now seriously underpowered, despite the recent addition of the Web Me Up database)?

Simply because ruthless competitors could report those sites to Google and my considerable investment in these aged PR domains (think tens of thousands of $$) could all be lost if Google deindexes those. Therefore, taking any small but crucial steps to protect the safety of those investments and assets is obviously a very good thing to do!

High PR sites that I own (I have hundreds including 3 PR7s) are THE single most powerful weapon in my SEO arsenal so protecting those is hugely important.

Additionally, this plugin can also block whole IP ranges (see video below) to stop the likes of whois domain tools from aggressively crawling your site/s and even whole countries can be blocked (more shortly on that and why):


Secondly and of much less importance, you can frustrate competitors who can’t beat your Google rankings even though your site/s apparently have weak backlinks (because the good backlink sites – if you own them and they are on WP – have been blocked from reverse engineering).

NOTE: Also, always understand that ACTUAL backlinks to a site and REPORTED backlinks to a site are two VERY different things (that’s why I use multiple tools when analysing aged domains for buying).

Tool blocking-wise, these are the agents (among many others) that this plugin currently blocks and you will need to copy-and-paste an up to date list into the plugin’s admin area (takes 2 seconds):

rogerbot (SEOmoz)

exabot (

MJ12bot (

dotbot (

gigabot (

AhrefsBot (

With regard to SEO Spyglass, Todd Spears, the plugin’s creator, told me, “I need to research SEO Spyglass some more, it can rotate fake useragents”.

However, one of the other ingenious elements of this plugin is that it can block ANY spider/bot that has the word ‘bot’ in its name (by default) – remember the good spiders that you want crawling your site are whitelisted by default e.g. Googlebot – so if the reverse engineering tools rotate their agent names but it still contains the word ‘bot’, it will be blocked:


and you can choose exactly HOW they are blocked and even redirect them back to their point of origin:


and you can watch live in real time the current visitors to your WP site/s and take any action if necessary:


and even turn down the aggression on good spiders like Googlebot with a 304 message (site content unchanged, all good, no need to recrawl) to save on bandwidth and server resources (the bigger your blog/s, the more this can clog up available server resources):


Reason #2: Unwanted Traffic Slowing Down Your Site

Unwanted bot and human search traffic slows down your server and site speed as bandwidth – especially from the very aggressive spiders of Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China – can be chewed up by bots that you have no interest in ranking with (anybody actively trying to rank in China or Russia?).

If you want to rank a local plumber’s website in Orlando, Florida, any human or bot traffic from outside the US is just slowing down that WP site:


Plus, a lot of malicious bot activity tends to come from certain countries (more on that in a minute).

Yes, they can use endlessly rotating proxies but it’s still puts major obstacles inn their way and the Pro version of this plugin (the only one to go for in my view) gives automatic malicious bot updating via Project Honey Pot blocking:


Reason #3: WP Site Security

Getting your WP site/s hacked is a major PITA (I know from personal experience).


Thanks to all the above measures on bot shielding, that likelihood is massively reduced (though nothing is completely 100% safe – even the Pentagon gets hacked).

For these reasons, this plugin, Spyder Spanker (yes that’s really it’s name) is a must-have:

– Block backlink reverse engineering competitors from finding backlinks on high PR WP sites that you own

– Make it more difficult for these tools to crawl your WP Money Sites

– Reduce server load resources and potentially speed up your site speed by choosing which traffic/bandwidth/countries to whitelist

– Stop malicious bots and entire countries where most malicious bot activity originates (and automatically if using the Pro version’s Project Honey Pot blocking)

– Watch bot and visitor presence on your site/s live in real time

Final point: 

Don’t let the fact that Todd doesn’t have many posts on WF put you off, this is an awesome tool and to watch the plugin live on video, the developer of SpyderSpanker, Todd Spears, shows that here:


Have a great Sunday and questions on or SpyderSpanker can be emailed to support(at) and I will answer personally.