Terry KyleWho are you Terry Kyle?

I’m an Australian SEO and Web entrepreneur living in Eastern Europe and owner/creator of Bluechip BacklinksSEO Traffic Hacks, Traffic Planet, Traffic Planet Hosting (yes that is the world’s fastest WP hosting company) and Cloudboss.pro (beta). I was also a co-founder of Backlinks Forum back in 2009.

Other past products/services also include Backlinks Black Belt and Homepage Backlinks.

Previously, I have worked as a copywriter and creative director in Sydney, Australia, for brands including Pepsi, McDonald’s, Thomas Cook, Commonwealth Bank, IBM, Kellogg’s, Panasonic and Coca-Cola.

While doing a BA at Griffith University in Brisbane from 1992-1994, I wrote and directed the truly awful science-fiction TV movie, Terrain, which was screened on the Nine Network in Australia in the late 90s.

In 2008, I edited and published this book, for which I was interviewed on Entrepreneur.com, also syndicated to the Washington Post, among other media outlets.

Where exactly do you live?

Though I’m originally from Australia – I grew up in the Brisbane ‘burbs and spent the last 9 years in Australia in Sydney – today I mainly live in Sofia, Bulgaria, with my wife, Julia, 2 cats, Sasha and Misha plus a new golden retriever, Joey – pics below.

Earlier in 2015, my staff of about 19 and I moved into a new office adjacent to this street in Sofia, Vitosha Boulevard, it’s kind of the main street of Sofia:

My New 2015 Office Is Here

I get back to London (lived there from 2004-2012) for business stuff as well often-ish too.

Here are my first 2 ‘daughters’, (ginger) Sasha and (black & white) Misha, they’re awesome, incredibly playful cats by the way and I’m a born dog lover, they’re that good!:

and the newest addition to the family, a golden retriever girl called ‘Joey’ (that’s Australian slang for a tiny baby kangaroo in the mother’s pouch, she just turned 1 year old on December 26 2015):


What motivates you in business?

Finding new solutions to problems previously thought unsolvable, especially with software. Bluechip Backlinks and Cloudboss.pro are perfect examples of that approach.

Plus, I’m into empowerment, especially for one-man/woman entrepreneurs. We have never lived in a greater age for single individuals to achieve incredible things in almost any area of life.

Technically, I’m a qualified teacher (MTeach from Sydney Uni) and love seeing my students (or anyone) achieve things they didn’t think possible before.

Empowerment + figuring out new stuff, love it.

In late 2015 and into 2016, software development has become even more of a focus through unique new API-driven tools like Bluechip Backlinks (we’re working on 4 others right now too including Cloudboss.pro).

What about in life?

I’m a huge animal lover and would love to set up a place like this in Bulgaria where they have a big homeless cat/dog problem and animals have a much harder life here than in Western countries.

Given our aging populations, I am also a passionate believer that we must all take full financial responsibility for our own lives and not rely on the flawed hope that governments and pensions will be a viable option for comfortable living later in life.

What are your main online businesses today?

Bluechip Backlinks (opened April 2015), SEO Traffic Hacks (opened December 2013), Traffic Planet Hosting (also opened December 2013), Traffic Planet (opened late 2011) and CloudBoss Pro (opened September 2015).

I also have a bunch of affiliate sites and am a partner in this London SEO agency.

What have been your biggest business mistakes so far?

  • Not being way more ambitious sooner
  • Not embracing email marketing sooner (and losing out on a ridiculous amount of money in the process)
  • Not taking the Internet more seriously sooner
  • Becoming too emotionally attached to one product as ‘the one’ to succeed – an entrepreneur’s loyalty should be to her/his success and not any one specific product or service
  • Trying to develop too many projects at the same time (still struggling with that but this outstanding book is helping)

Things that bug you?

  • The utter failure of education to prepare today’s kids with proper financial knowledge for their future
  • Bureaucracy
  • Excessive taxation
  • Celebrity gossip
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Bad manners
  • Pointless, insanely expensive wars
  • Mediocre businesses
  • Internet Marketers’ childish need to pose in expensive cars – if the earnings are real (usually doubtful), can’t they put their money into one of the hundreds of great causes out there instead? Have they seen Warren Buffet’s car?
  • Obedience to ideas or beliefs that clearly don’t work

Things that you celebrate?

In no particular order:

The East Sussex coastline in the UK (will probably semi-retire there one day – nothing better than a walk on the South Downs on a clear, sunny day) e.g.

  • The jumping and climbing ability of cats and their playfulness (depends on the cats – ours demand up to an hour of play with us every day!)
  • Thai stir-fry food
  • The way that the Internet brings together like-minded people in countless interest areas from all over the world
  • Golden retrievers – hence the puppy above!
  • TED talks on YouTube
  • Musicians who sing (well) with just a guitar and nothing else

Favorite film/book/TV show/band?

Anything witty or really good, whatever the genre of anything – from early Coldplay to No Country For Old Men to Vince Jones, the under-rated Australian Jazz singer. Best concert ever? Marty Wilson-Piper from The Church doing a one-man show in Newtown, Sydney. Superb.

What is your life ‘motto’?

Nothing original here – sorry – but “treat everybody in business and life how you would like to be treated”.

What are your plans for 2016?

To build several new, incredibly useful software tools for small business and SEO with even more impact than Bluechip Backlinks and Cloudboss.pro while continuing to develop SEO Traffic Hacks for our awesome community there.

How can I contact you Terry?

You can email me on support(at)terrykyle.net but be aware that I get a daily flood of emails so sometimes I’m slow catching up with them – nothing personal.